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Osher-Set of Ring Boxes

SKU: 07-1002

*Vegan Design*


OSHER (אֹשֶׁר,  עֹשֶׁר)

Set of 2 ring boxes


Osher in Hebrew has a double meaning:

HAPPINESS, when spelled with the letter ALEPH (אֹשֶׁר)
and FORTUNE/WEALTH when spelled with the letter A'IN (עֹשֶׁר).
Isn't it just what a young couple seeks for?


A unique set of wedding ring boxes!!!
With an elegant 3D design, it's the perfect unique piece

for a young couple's wedding or for anniversary.


Package includes:

2X Ring boxes


Additional information:

These boxes are handmade of 100% pure Salt from the Holy Land.

The  inner metal part is anodized aluminium with fine gold or silver satin finish.

One has a symetric pattern (A) and the other is a symetric pattern(B).
The bottom outer and inner surfaces are softened with white velvet.


The product is eco-friendly with no artificial additives.

Please note:

Each box is individually handmade so there might be slighter differences of one to another.


    Simply wipe the salt-made part with a soft damp cloth.

    Do not put under running water/dishwasher

    or in environment above 75% humidity.

    Do not use abrasive fabrics.

  • Dimensions

    Each Box:

    Outside height: 1.6" (42mm)
    Inner Height: 0.66''(17mm) 
    Outside diameter: 2.1" (52mm)
    Inner diameter: 1.41'' (36mm)

  • Gift Wrapping

    These boxes are beautifully presented in an exclusive recycled brown rigid paper box with an embossed  white SALTWARE logo.