Modern Hanukkah Menorah

Meorrot Hanukkah Menorah

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Hanukkah Menorah designed in Israel made of Dead Sea Salt! 
Tria Candelabra-3 Designs in one!!!



Hebrew-'מְּאֹרֹ֖ת' - The lights of the universe - the sun, the moon and the stars. This is the phrase used to describe God's creation in GENESIS 1.


Saltware Hanukkah Menorah is one of a kind! A unique candelabra, designed of 9 candle seats - 8 of same height and one longer - to serve as ‘Shamash’. This structure is the traditional and kosher one for Hanukkah holiday Menorah. This design of Saltware Menorah is unique as it may be assembled in various conbinations - As a Hanukkah menorah, as a pair of Shabbat candle holders and as a one-unit candle ornament.


This Hanukkah Menorah is truely like you never had before!!!

*Vegan Design*

Package includes:

9 salt-made seats

9 metal seats- gold or silver for your choice.


Additional Information:

Meorrot is made of  PURE SALT from the Holy Land combined with various earth pigment powders and copper. The metal seats are made of silver or gold anodized aluminium with a satin finish. The metal seats can be sperated and easily cleaned.

Please note:

Each Menorah is individually handmade so there might be slighter differences of one to another.

  • Dimensions

    Height (8 parts): 1"/2.5cm 
    Shamash: 1.5"/4cm
    Diameter: 2"(5cm)


    Simply wipe the pieces with a damp cloth.
    Do not put the salt made parts under running water/dish washer or above 75% humidity.

    Metal seats are seperatable and washable.
    MEORROT should be use with non-dripping candles, preferable natural beeswax. ( 6-8mm/ standard Hanukkah candles size)
    Beeswax candles are eco-freindly, do not soot, healthier for breathing and have pleasant honey scent.

    For recommendations please read FAQ or contact us after purchase.

  • Gift Wrapping

    Exclusive recycled paper box with an embossed SALTWARE silver-white logo.

  • Weight (total packing included)

    2 kg

Silver Line: Silver metal seats
Gold Line: Gold metal seats