Liv Luv Gold Egg Holders Set

Liv Luv Gold Egg Holders Set

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*Vegan Design*


Liv Luv

Egg holders

(Hebrew לִבְלוּב) meaning- the buds bursting in spring time.


Unique SPRING table decor!

For Passover or Easter- eating boiled has been a custom since ancient springtime rites and symbolize rebirth of life and nature.

These elegant egg holders will elevate your table décor and will pay respect to this major custom.

Holiday is over ???

You can use LIV LUV as  tea candle holder-for beautiful, delicate and purified atmosphere !


Package includes:

4 Holders


This listing is for golden holders.

Click here for the copper-turquoise:

Liv Luv - Copper Turquoise Egg Holders Set


Additional information:

These holders are handmade of 100% pure Salt from the Holy Land.

It is combined with gold -yellowish earth pigment powder. 

The metal part is anodized aluminium with fine satin finish. 


This listing is the gold line.

To purchase the silver line click here:



Please note:

each egg holder is individually handmade so there might be slighter differences of one to another.​

  • Dimensions

    Height: 2.44" (72mm)
    Diameter: 2.12" (54mm)


    Simply wipe the salt-made part with a damp cloth.

    Metal parts are seperatable and washable.

    Do not put under running water/dishwasher or in environment above 75% humidity.

    Do not use abrasive fabrics.

  • Gift Wrapping

    This set is beautifully presented in an exclusive recycled brown rigid paper box with an embossed silver and white SALTWARE logo.

    Each box comes with a pair of 5" 100% pure handmade beeswax candles.

  • Weight (total packing included)