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Levona Silver Herbal Vase

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*Vegan Design*

​Herbal vase


Hebrew -'לְבוֹנָה'- the tree resin that was used for incense in the Holy Temple. 

Levona was also used as parfume in ancient times.


Saltware herbal vase is a contemporary interpretation of the spice box and is meant to hold scented herbs. 

It can be used for the religious ceremony, as well as an ornament with dried plants.

'Levona' makes for a wonderfully special Judaica gift or a dainty decor piece for housewarming.

Each piece is individually handcrafted in Israel.


Package includes:

1X Herbal Vase


This listing is for silver line.


Additional information:

The outer vase is made of 100% pure salt combined with brown earth pigment powder and copper powder.

The inner vase is made of silver anodized aluminum with a fine delicate satin finish.

It is removable and washable.



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  • Dimensions

    Height: 7" (17cm)
    Diameter: 2" (5cm)


    Simply wipe the vase with a damp cloth.

    Do not put under running water/dishwasher or in environment above 75% humidity.

  • Gift Wrapping

    This vase is beautifully presented in an exclusive recycled brown rigid paper box with an embossed silver and white SALTWARE logo.

  • Weight(total packing included)

    1.5 kg

Silver Line: combined with a deep brown earth pigment and coppe
Gold Line: combined with a golden/yellowish earth pigment