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Spring- Rebirth of Nature

Ancient cultures have long celebrated the arrival of spring. Ancient Pagans, Romans and other societies offered fresh crops and other foods to their gods at this season.

In ancient Jewish and Christian celebrations of spring, eggs had a major role.


The egg, with its round shape and nutritional filling, is the ultimate symbol of rebirth and new life. This was especially true in the Passover (Hebrew: פֶּסַח “Pesach”) celebrations held in the time of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

Today an egg is eaten before the Passover dinner (the Seder meal), immediately after the blessings.

In ancient Christianity, the holiday of Easter (in Aramic: פָּסחָא “Pascha”) was the festival of spring. Easter was believed to be the time of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Today Easter eggs symbolize that belief.

I decided to design the

LIV-LUV EGG HOLDER (Hebrew לִבְלוּב),

meaning the blossoming of buds in spring time

as a unifying symbol for the joy

we all feel every spring.

Saltware’s gorgeous Egg Holders are perfect to celebrate our joy at the renewal of life!!

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