Are the designs truly made of pure salt?

Yes, all my designs are made of 100% pure salt using a unique and innovative process. I transform the salt grains into beautiful and durable marble-like solids. I add natural pigments, dried flowers or metal chips for decoration.

What prevents the salt from melting?

Saltware products are safe to exposed heat and up to 75% humidity.
This is all thanks to its innovative processing.
I use an eco-friendly sealer for extra protection from dirt.

How can I clean my product?

Saltware cannot be washed under running water or in a dishwasher.
To clean your Saltware piece, it's best to use a soft damp cloth.

Don’t scratch or use abrasive fabrics on the item.
The metal parts can be separated and cleaned with warm (even hot) water.
Place the metal part in a bowl and pour hot water over it. Take it out with a spoon (as the metal may be hot) and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth or paper immediately after.

If the candles you have used have been dripping immensely, you can try putting the metal seats ONLY in freezer for couple of hours.

It helps detaching the wax from the metal. Use tooth stick or you finger tips. Make sure not to use sharp tools, as they would scratch the seats.

What is the best way to store my Saltware product?

Saltware products are safe to exposed heat and up to 75% humidity.
Beyond that it is better to keep it inside its original box.
Don’t worry though! The product won't melt even if it is exposed to higher humidity levels.
Just wipe any dew drops that may cling to its surface with a soft cloth.

It is advisable though not to use in humid weather and keep the product indoors.

How do I clean the stains out of the product?

Since the products are made from a pure clear white substance, they can get stained easily (just like white fabrics such as cotton).
Most stains can be wiped off with a soft damp cloth. Try to clean your Saltware item immediately after staining occurs.

Is it safe to use candles with the salt ? Won’t it burn ?

Salt will not burn or ignite. The cylinder shaped candle holder will become pleasantly warm and may be touched - try it!

The beauty of ORRA is the light that shines through the pure salt.

It is advisable to keep it lightened until it finishes.

The custom of turning off the candles during the Havdalah ceremony is not obligatory.

However, if you wish to do so, take off the cylinder salt parts, hold the metal base in your hand and dip it in the wine.

Why do you recommend to use 100% beeswax candles ?

Beeswax candles do not drip, do not soot, eco- friendly and don’t pullote.

They are better for your breathing and for the environment.

They will also keep the product cleaner and easier for taking care of.

(Please contact us if you wish for our candles recommendations).

Is Saltware breakable ?

Just like ceramics, glassware, etc. Saltware may break, so it's very important to handle the items carefully.
Since the process I use consumes low energy, there aren't any hot temperatures involved in the making which makes it even more vulnerable.
Handle with care!

How is the product eco-friendly?

On top of the natural ingredients used in the product, the manufacturing process uses low-energy technology. This makes the product much more sustainable than ceramics or glassware which involve very high temperature kilns working for many hours and therefore consuming a lot of energy causing pollution indirectly.

How should LEVONA herbal vase be used?

LEVONA is a contemporary interpretation of the spice box and meant to be used with scented herbs such as rosmarin,levander etc. The inner vase can hold water for a few hours but it is advisable not to use it as a fresh flower vase that requires holding the water in for days. This may cause the environment near the vase to exceed 75% humidity.
It is possible to use it with dried plants for home décor.

How should OSHIA kiddush cup be used?

The base of OSHIA is made of salt and the upper part of metal.

They are separable and the upper part may be washed.

However, the base can only be cleaned with a damp cloth as explained before.

It is not advisable to let the wine flow over the top of the cup as customary in some communities during the Havdalah.

Why is it recommended to store the chain separately from the pendant?

Although Saltware products are protected with a sealer, they are made of natural salt. Metals such as silver and brass are corrosive, and unless the chain is real gold or aluminum, it’s better to separate the chain and pendant.
I send my chains in a separate sealed bag but if you use your own chain, always separate before storage.

Frequently Asked Questions