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Eco friendly Salt Products
Tableware & Judaica art

SaltwareDesign was found in 2020 by Lia Bruce.

As part of her final project in Master’s degree in the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Lia collaborated with Professor Daniel Mandler, an established scientist from the Institute of Chemistry at the Hebrew University in researching new ways of using salt in industrial design. 

Mandler’s research motivation started in 2015, where the Israeli government issued a public call for a solution to the immense amount of salt that accumulates as an unused

by-product of Dead Sea mining. Mandler and his team accepted the challenge and started to research for innovative ideas. The team found the construction industry as an appropriate target for using massive quantities of raw material. Their research focused in using salt as a substitute for concrete blocks. The team developed a process using low-energy technology that enables manufacturing of solid objects from salt, with no synthetic additives.

The result is eco-friendly,

highly durable to pressure and humidity. 

As a designer, Lia has sought to further research the lab results interfacing those with other manufacturing processes such as CNC milling, lathes and different types of moulds.

Lia experimented with mixtures of natural materials as pigments, metal powders, herbs and plants as well as different grains of salts. 

SaltwareDesign products evolved out of this rich experimental process.

The products seek to merge salt’s scientific and technological characteristics, its potential in design and its crucial significance in culture.

Unique tableware & Judaica art
Unique tableware & Judaica art