Saltware Candles, Vase and Kiddush cup
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Ceremonial and tableware design

Made of pure salt from the Holy Land

Based on a unique and innovative eco-friendly technology

Saltware is merging the cultural symbolism of salt and its natural beauty

saltshakers handmade from salt

A s h l a g

Salt Shaker

Hebrew 'אָשְׁלָג' - Potassium. The main mineral harvested from the Dead Sea. A major fertilizer for crops.

Salt is a substance that was valuable in ancient times. The word salary is derived from the Latin word salariumthe sack of salt that was paid by the Romans to their soldiers. Salt was so dear that it was served only to monarchs.

Saltshakers were designed especially and placed next to the ruler. Saltware’s saltshakers are uniquely handmade of 100% pure salt from the Holy Land.

O s h i a

Kiddush Cup

Hebrew 'אָשְׁיָה' - basis, fundamental, element, source. A phrase to describe a highly ranked personality.

Salt has a role in many cultural and religious rituals. In Judaism, it is a symbol of the covenant between God and the people of Israel:

Kiddush cup
Hamsa pendant

S h o m e r a

Hamsa Pendant

Hebrew 'שוֹמֵרָה' - a keeper or a structure designed for protection.


Due to its purifying and preservative qualities, salt was crucial in ancient ceremonies. These qualities made it a protective spiritual and good luck substance across the world.

Shomera is part of our ‘Blessed’- spiritual artifacts.

O r r a

Candle holders

Hebrew 'אוֹרָה' - feminine form for LIGHT.

The feminine form was chosen as the candles are traditionally lit by the mother of the family. It also resembles the word AURA, as the mother radiates light on her surroundings.


Salt molecular structure is a pure translucent cube. The light of the candles shines through the salt crystals creating a heavenly effect of softness and purity.

Candle holders
Herbal Vase

L e v o n a

Herbal Vase

Hebrew 'לְבוֹנָה' - the tree resin that was used for incense in the Holy Temple. It was also used as perfume in ancient times.

A contemporary interpretation of the Havdalah spice box. Levona is a minimalist designed vase for herbs and dried plants.

M e o r r o t

Hanukkah Menorah

Hebrew 'מְּאֹרֹ֖ת' - the biblical phrase used to describe God's creation, lights of the universe - the sun, the moon and the stars (Genesis 1).


  • Hanukkah menorah

  • Shabbat candle holders

  • A one-unit candle ornament

Menorah for Hanukkah
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